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My name is Agustin Velasco; I am your SEO service consultant. My job is to analyze and review websites to find out their current status in order to provide expert advice, guidance and recommendations to business owners to improve their natural search engine traffic and ranking on search results.

SEO Service Consultant::Agustin Velasco

As an SEO service consultant, my responsibilities cover a dynamic spectrum of marketing disciplines in various channels of Digital Marketing.

Agustin Velasco SEO Service Consultant is an individual who listens, document and understands your business needs. In order to deliver solutions, Agustin Velasco SEO service consultant has developed strategic, analytical and tactical skills taking into account the social media, content relevancy, competition and the most important "Ongoing Search Engine Updates".

To successfully execute a marketing campaign Agustin Velasco must understand your business needs and objectives. I analyze your industry niche and competitive position...starting by analyzing your existing website.
Agustin Velasco's goal is to ensure your website is 100% compliance with Google's requirement. As your SEO Service Consultant, my primary concern is always the end result of your placement and increased organic traffic to your website.

How Agustin Velasco SEO Service Consultant approaches Search Engine Optimization?

Agustin Velasco your SEO Service Consultant will carry out your project in 4 stages.

Step 1

Optimization of Code and Layout: Your SEO Service consultant always plans for the future. In today’s business your website must be responsive meaning it should automatically adapt to any screen size for easy navigation; specifically, your website must be mobile friendly (80% of customers will come from mobile devices).

Is your website mobile friendly?

If the answer is no, then, without doubt, you should plan for a responsive framework, something more flexible and scalable.  In this process, you have the opportunity to implement some call to action. Call to action is a decision. 

What would you like the customer to do when they reach your Web Page?  The call to action often invites the reader to Buy Now, Read More, and Request Quote.

Step 2

Keyword Research:  Agustin Velasco, your SEO Service Consultant will perform an analysis relative to your Niche. Here is where your SEO Service Consultant focuses the attention on potential customers (consumers).  The research goal is to identify what keywords they are using when performing their search while approaching this type of business. The idea, of course, is to define the types of content that should be present.

Step 3

Content Optimization: Your SEO Service Consultant will refine your content based on the keyword researched while working with writers and designers to improve on-page optimization.

Step 4

Target Marketing Campaign:  This will be the ongoing SEO service.  Your website is now ready for Marketing!  The most crucial part... Your SEO Service Consultant most valuable work ever starts here.  With White SEO Service technique, Agustin Velasco will make your website be visible in organic search results.


You agree that SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO encompasses both the technical and creative knowledge required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and fix all meta-data required by the search engines. Do you want the best in the SEO business? We can help, choose a plan that fits your budget here.