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A significant amout of people already know  that website digital marketing refers to promoting a product or brand via one or more forms of electronic media. For the most part we already know that it  is via the Internet, therefore; it is typically referred to as Internet marketing.
Website digital marketing is one of the most complex type of Internet marketing. There are many ways of performing Internet marketing, this can be via social media or more specific keyword driven specialized techniques.

In this section, we will focus and try to explain a few things related to website digital marketing and exclusively has to do with Internet marketing as the media.  There are other channel most closely associated with website digital marketing, including wireless text messaging, mobile instant messaging, mobile apps, podcasts, electronic billboards, digital television and radio channels.
  The goal here is to help you figure out what is the most reliable method, service or media you should use to promote your services and products when thinking about website digital marketing. 

Note. Ensure that your website is compliance and follows the standards established by the search engines before you start your website marketing campaign otherwise you are going to shoot yourself in the foot. We highly recommend you to use our free Website Analysis, the results can help you to determine if your website is ready for marketing or not.


Social media is a very powerful channel for your digital marketing strategy. Yes, you can take advantage of some features social media can offer for your digital marketing, however keep in mind that social media is only an option and it is limited.

Social Media Networks

Why social media are limited?

Most social media are closed networks and badly designed. Let's consider Facebook for example.

1. You can create a business page within facebook
2. You can run a pay-per-click campaign with the efforts to reach more customers (bad idea) Pay-per-click are mostly auctioned campaign. You are competing with keywords against other vendors selling the same product or service.
3. Your targeted audience in Facebook, are not necessarily USA consumers.  If your business is in USA; do you really care if people in India or the Philippines are clicking on your Ad. Facebook algorithm is very poor!
Sorry but Adwords and PayPer Click are the worst marketing campaign you can opt for.

Yes you can use them, but they should be the second option. Of course they are live campaign and by all means use them if you have the capital to run the ads.


YES, Organic digital marketing is the best source of driving traffic to your website. This is the ultimate dream of every business owner.

What is organic digital marketing?  

Have you done any search on Google recently? Did you find what you were looking for?
Search engine is the most powerful tools to search a product or service, but only 20% of websites worldwide are searchable. This means that only those 20% do follow the standards and are compliance with the requirements. The rest are just garbage on the Internet.

This link shows you a comparison of how good and bad websites look like [ Website not found on Google ]


SEO services are responsible for these results in the organic search on Google,Yahoo, Bing and others.  Yes, your website can earn a respected ranking on Google only if it follows the standards.

SEO Services : Microweb360

SEO Services results are more effective when employing static links anywhere. Part of this is called link building...but you cannot start creating referral backlinks just because you can or want to. All backlinks must be optimized and just as the target website it should follow its own standard....and here is where most marketing efforts fail. Yes, there is always a secret technique.

Every public relation performed for your website digital marketing must be optimized and relevant to your target content, they all carry their own metadata. Here is where the industry fails all the time...while they do, we don't.

Are SEO Services secrets?  No, SEO services  are not secrets. Most website owners know about SEO Services, in fact they always pretend to know more, only because they created a website using Wix or Weebly, they think they know it all. Of course this is a clear mistake . If you want the best result in website digital marketing, you should exclusively invest in high quality websites and then in SEO Services.  Have a website? Take advantage or our FREE Website Analysis.

As your SEO Service Consultant, read here and find out how Agustin Velasco handles your Marketing.


You agree that SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO encompasses both the technical and creative knowledge required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and fix all meta-data required by the search engines. You want the best in the SEO business? We can help, choose a plan that fits your budget here


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