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There are several reasons for a website not showing up on Google and other search engines. The most common reason for a website to be ignored by Google is due to its poor Search Engine optimization. Websites need SEO Services, in other words it must be fully optimized and then use strategic Public Relation marketing to earn a Page Rank on Google. See our SEO Service Marketing Packages. We can make your website be found on Google's first page.

  • Who developed your website?
  • Is your website SEO optimized?

Website not found on google, it is often due to poor On-Page SEO optimization and for certainty lack of SEO Marketing. From actual work  and hands on experience, we have discovered that the reason for a website not found on google is due to  poor search engine optimization.   It is Known that 80% of websites on the Internet are failed websites.  Website not found on Google simply because the web developer have no knowledge of the Google guidelines.  For a website to be successful it must  have rich and relevant content with meta-data as per the guidelines.

Intelligent business owners hire dedicated SEO Service Expert who implement tactical and strategic On-Page SEO Optimization that gets Google on the hook and makes them come back for more.

Bad SEO website looks like this:

Bad SEO Optimization

The majority of business owners are disappointed because their websites are not producing or did not produce and they had to close it down. Surprisingly those 80% of business owners did not bother to investigating what went wrong.  Did they know about SEO Services? Let's leave it to the benefit of the doubt... today it is different.

Website not found on Google, Common Mistake

Very often we find out that the business owner is not willing to invest in professionally programmed websites, they think that all websites are the same.  They even prefer to have their friends and family build the website for them because they think it is cheaper.

Is it really cheaper?

If they closed down the website, maybe not.

Perhaps the question "Why my website is not showing up on google?"  should be asked to the creator of the website.  Successful websites showing up on Google follows or have essential requirements (Search Engine Optimization = SEO and Public Relations Marketing)  If your website does not meet these requirements…it is guaranteed to fail. Don’t plan for failure, when you don't understand what are the requirements talk to an expert who can help you clarify your doubts. With questions, you are way ahead of your competion. Your competitor may not be even aware that this page exist, but you being here makes the whole difference.

Good SEO Optimized website looks like this:

The following screen shot demonstrates a well developed website with the metadatas in place. With an strategic SEO marketing campaign (highly optimized public relation documents) this website is guaranteed for success. In this process no more "website not found on Google".

Good SEO Optimization

“A successful website showing up on Google is SEO friendly, it uses search engine optimization properly, it is mobile friendly and often social network integrated” All websites developed by Microweb360.com are mobile friendly, social and SEO Optimized. Your website should be successful, therefore you need SEO Services.

Hire dedicated SEO Service Experts, at the cost of full time employee at minimum wage.  Say goodby to website not found on Google. Find out here how your SEO Service Consultant can make your website appear on page 1 of Google organic search.


You agree that SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO encompasses both the technical and creative knowledge required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and fix all meta-data required by the search engines.

To appear on Google first page you need the best marketing, and the best in SEO business? Microweb360 can help, choose a plan that fits your budget here

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