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Optimize your website with an accessible monthtly plan. Our Basic SEO Service is an ideal solution for startups and small etrepreneur.

The Basic SEO Service package includes, On-Page Optimization, meaning we optimize your entire website page by page. We perform Keyword Research to help you identify keywords that can boost the visibility of each page  then we strategically implement the meta-data.

Even though we optimize all your pages with high quality meta-data in our basic seo service package, we only market the number of keywords and number of pages included in your purchased subscription. Approaching SEO Services this way allow us to fucus our strategy.  It is a proven technique that propel your business to the top of search engine result pages.

The Basic SEO Service Package Includes:

  • We do Keyword Research and analysis to help you rank higher on search engines with the keywords and phrases that get you noticed.
  • We help you choose 4 Keywords to represent your brand
  • We develop and optimize 4 pages relevant to the keyword on your website
  • We strategically develop 1 fully optimized and relevant Public Relation Article per Keyword = 4 articles
  • Public relation articles are published weekly
  • On-Page SEO, We optimize all pages of your website
  • We Optimize Page Titles.
  • We Optimize Page URLs
  • We Optimize Page Descriptions.
  • We Add Keywords to Pages.
  • We Optimize Image Tags.
  • We Optimize your content with Embedded Keywords.
  • We provide a written monthly SEO report showing month-to-month search engine ranking results based on our SEO efforts.
  • We create profiles of you website on a variety of SEO citation websites

We submit your business to these directories as part of our SEO efforts. The business directories provides back-links to your target website; the business directories are factors to our white hat seo technique.

Search Engine Optimization is the greatest thing invented after Google, Yahoo, Bing...
Why is it? Well Search Engine Optimization is the food manufacturing for the web crawl also know as  spiders, so let's feed them. This is a perfect plan for small budget.

All these for only: $299.00