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Technically any form of electronic transaction where credit cards and other form of payments are accepted for goods are referred to as eCommerce solutions.


Ecommerce is the way for consumers and businesses to electronically exchange goods and services with no barriers in time and distance where all their transaction is carried out by automated and specifically configured web based software which in term is know as the eCommerce software. Common and well known eCommerce software are shopping carts where people order and by products.

Shopping carts are clear example of eCommerce solutions, it delivers all products and services to the end user. Most eCommerce software are customized developments and specifically configured to meet both expectations for the store owner and the end user.

Not all eCommerce are created equal. Each eCommerce solutions has its own requirements, some has more than others. As technology changes, eCommerce software must adapt or it will be left in the dust. As of today the future of eCommerce points to responsive coding, CS3 and HTML5 compliance. Other very important feature of eCommerce should be SEO optimized and Social network enabled.

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