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KDL-40V4100 Logic Board A-1641-938-A, A-1547-087-A, 1-876-561-13, A1506072C

Brand: Sony
Product Code: KDL-40V4100
Availability: 1

Price: $75.00

KDL-40V4100 Logic Board A-1641-938-A, A-1547-087-A, 1-876-561-13, A1506072C

This board was taken out of a unit with vertical lines on screen.  It has been tested to be in 100% working order.


The KDL-40V4100 Logic Board offers:

BRAVIA video processing improves low-quality signals
High-definition video sources look stunning on the KDL-40V4100, this logic board offers excellent video processing. Sony's BRAVIA Engine 2™ circuitry cleans up lower-res signals by analyzing and processing each scene to enhance picture contrast, reduce noise, and optimize color.

 Another quality that often separates top-notch TVs from no-name models is picture contrast. Sony's Advanced Contrast Enhancer continuously monitors the video signal and adjusts the TV's back-light levels to improve contrast without masking details in darker areas of the picture.

 So many viewing options
The KDL-40V4100 has built-in tuners for your local digital and analog over-the-air broadcasts (antenna required). Plus, a "QAM" cable TV tuner lets cable subscribers watch unscrambled channels without a set-top box — including HD channels in many areas.

The generous "jack pack" has multiple inputs for high-resolution sources. For future-readiness, there are four HDMI inputs, so you can add an HD satellite receiver as well as an "up-converting" DVD player or HD video game console






Part Type:

BU Main Board


Removed From Tv Model:



Part Number:

A-1641-948-A (manufacturer part number, may or may not be on the board


Board Number(s):



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