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DNS Server The Enterprise Way:: Agustin Velasco

Product Code: DNS-Server
Availability: 10

Price: $18.00

Are you familiar with Agustin's Linux Manual?
Agustin's Linux Manual was the original book that taught many how to setup Linux servers using Mandrake and Mandriva Linux. Many schools in different countries were using Agustin's Linux Manual as their core Learning material for Linux Server Administration.
Don't take my word for it. You know the drill....Just Google it. I found some interesting comments about Agustin's Linux Manual Here:

Agustin's Linux Manual was dropped when Gael Duval Creator of Mandrake was kicked out at Mandriva and nothing has been written since then.

The DNS Server The Enterprise Way is a stripped out version of this original material, Agustin Velasco has brought it back to you based on Centos 7 and Red Hat Enterprise.  Configuring a DNS Server The Enterprise Way can be challenging when you don't have the right documentation. DNS Server The Enterprise Way by Agustin Velasco is an abstraction of the original Agustin Linux Manual, a step by step tutorial, all you need to know about DNS Servers on Centos 7 and Red Hat Enterprise

DNS Server The Enterprise Way by Agustin Velasco, is the only Linux training material you need if you are serious in learning Linux Administration.  The DNS Server The Enterprise Way is the instructional material where all starts; it explain how to enable your network interface and setup your host name if you have no idea where to start. All other Servers can be resolved throughout the Network infrastructure when your DNS Server is fully operational.

The Apache Web Server Virtual Hosting, DNS Server Setup and FTP Server + MariaDB is a complete set of Manual that teaches you step by step on how to simulate a Data Center the enterprise way.  The DNS Server is what makes hosting possible. Agustin Velasco brought you back the material you need to master and simulate a functional data center.

Of course at the enterprise level there are many automated tools and GUI (Graphical User Interface) that allows System Administrators to interact with different Servers. With The DNS Server The Enterprise Way, all configurations is via the command line; everything from editing the host files to opening the firewall ports is done by using the command line interface. Yes, The DNS Server The Enterprise Way by Agustin Velasco is a step by step material which will provide you the knowledge and complete understanding of the DNS Server infrastructure.

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